Can You Ace This Hypotonia Quiz?

by Aculbertson

Grab a pen and paper. We’re going to test your understanding of hypotonia.

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran with years of low tone parenting experience, there’s always more to learn. This quiz will guide you through misconceptions, medical jargon, and more.

Let’s get started.


1. Which of these are NOT another name for hypotonia?

A. Low muscle tone

B. Floppy baby syndrome

C. Proprioception

D. Hypotonic


2. Kids eventually outgrow hypotonia.

A. True

B. False


3. Hypotonia is both a physical and a mental limitation.

A. True

B. False


4. What is benign congenital hypotonia?

A. The most severe form of hypotonia

B. Hypotonia caused by a genetic condition

C. A form of hypotonia that is limited to a person’s limbs

D. Hypotonia without an overarching diagnosis


5. Muscle tone and muscle strength are the same thing.

A. True

B. False


6. Physical therapy and orthotic braces are effective treatments for hypotonia.

A. True

B. False


7. Which of these symptoms is NOT commonly associated with hypotonia?

A. Muscle spasms

B. Pronation

C. Delayed motor skills

D. Ligament and joint laxity


8. Hypotonia is typically diagnosed with a blood test.

A. True

B. False


9. Most kids with hypotonia never learn how to walk.

A. True

B. False


10. Kids with hypotonia typically reach milestones (sitting up, standing, walking, etc.) more slowly than other kids.

A. True

B. False





  1. C
  2. B
  3. B
  4. D
  5. B
  6. A
  7. A
  8. B
  9. B
  10. A



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