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Surestep Sandals have received the same attention to detail and care as our shoes. They have been custom designed with the wider, deeper heel, toe box and instep allow for adequate room and a comfortable fit. The unique tread promotes intrinsic movement and flexibility while a special “cut-line” allows for easy shoe modifications.

  • Designed with more height and longer straps
  • Same flexible sole to allow intrinsic movement
  • Highly durable material
  • Sole designed for custom modifications

Surestep Shoes come in a list of sizes

  • Toddler 3 through Youth 12

No half sizes available.

Surestep Sandals come in two different colors perfect for your energetic kiddo.

  • Black
  • Pink

Just with our orthotics, Surestep Sandals must be fitted properly to provide developmental assistance. To get started, please download the order form below.

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