Seamless AFO Socks

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Our seamless socks for kids are a great alternative to thick, cotton socks. The moisture-wicking materials will keep your child’s feet cool. And the seamless design makes them more comfortable, especially for kids who have sensory concerns.

Due to their length, these socks give great coverage and comfort when worn with AFOs. For shorter socks, check out our Seamless SMO Socks.

Seamless AFO Socks are available in four sizes:

  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Small
  • Medium

Seamless AFO Socks are available in these colors:

  • White (all sizes)
  • Black (all sizes)

You can order the Seamless SMO Socks through your orthotist or online. They cost $15 per pair, $25 for two pairs, or $30 for three pairs.

Seamless SMO Socks are made of:

  • 92% COOLMax polyester
  • 6% nylon
  • 2% lycra