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As a parent, we know you have plenty of questions and concerns regarding your child’s pronation or low muscle tone (hypotonia). Each Surestep product is custom-made specifically to your child’s feet to assist with a wide range of mobility changes.

From our awesome patterns to our fitting guides and instructions, we hope the links below will help to answer any questions or concerns you may have about Surestep products. Should you need further assistance, feel free to call our toll free telephone at 877.462.0711.

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Wear and Care

SMO Fitting Guide

SMO Fitting Guide - Spanish

PreFab DCO Instructions

Custom DCO Instructions

Criss Crossers Instructions

DeRotation Straps Instructions

HEKO Instructions

DA Hinge Instructions

Free Motion Hinge Instructions

TLSO Fitting Guide

DeRotation Straps Instructions - Spanish

Research and Case Studies

Janna Tamminga Study

Kathy Martin Study

Pediatric Hypotonia Info

Addison’s Success Story

Jeremiah’s Success Story

Kate’s Success Story

Sawyer’s Success Story

Gait Development-the Basics

Patterns and Other Stuff

Our Awesome Patterns

Product Reference Guide

DCO Brochure

Foot Orthotic Patterns

Don’t Take that Tone! Webinar

Go a Step Further

Go a Step Further in Spanish