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Find out more about our experienced Surestep Educators before your upcoming CEU course.

Anne Paré, CO, LO

Anne is a clinical researcher and educator for Surestep. She works in the development of new products, tracks outcome measures in children and adults using Surestep products, and creates and teaches education courses for therapists, physicians, and orthotists across the United States and around the world.

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Josh Ahlstrom, CPO

Josh is an ABC Certified and Licensed Prosthetist-Orthotist and a senior director of global development for Surestep. Of his 20+ years of clinical experience, Josh has focused 14 years providing exceptional care for children with a wide range of pathologies and presentations.

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Steve Kulifaj, CO, BOCP, LO

Steve is a Certified and Licensed Prosthetist-Orthotist with more than 22 years of clinical experience. He was a lead orthotist for a pediatric specialty team in Minnesota, co-founded a three-facility O&P pediatric practice in Minnesota, and is recognized in several states for his scoliosis treatments and lower extremity bracing.

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Camille Cruz, CPO

Camille is a Surestep Educator and ABC Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist. She has treated patients at six different prosthetic and orthotic companies, building a wide range of bracing experience. Camille uses creativity and innovation every day to craft effective treatment plans, along with presenting in our CEU courses.

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Bill Whalen, CO

Bill is a Certified and Licensed Orthotist and Surestep Educator. As the lead orthotist in a Wisconsin clinic, he built the orthotics business from scratch, gaining 12 years’ experience teaching CEU courses to PTs, nurturing relationships, and serving a wide variety of patients using SMOs, AFOs, KFOs, and other bracing solutions.

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