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As a certified orthotist, we know you have plenty of choices when it comes to the orthotic devices you use and prescribe for your patients. At Surestep, we believe our system of treatment is not only unique, but effective. Our core product, the patented Surestep SMO, revolutionized orthotic management for children with pronation or low muscle tone (hypotonia) worldwide. In addition to our SMO system, we also offer a comprehensive selection of devices to assist children with a wide range of mobility challenges. Each Surestep product is custom-made specifically to the child’s feet to achieve the ultimate in fit, function and comfort. smo & bigshot measurement form   Continuing Education

wear and care

SMO Fitting Guide

SMO Fitting Guide – Spanish

PreFab DCO Instructions

Custom DCO Instructions

Criss Crossers Instructions

DeRotation Straps Instructions

HEKO Instructions

DA Hinge Instructions

Free Motion Hinge Instructions

TLSO Fitting Guide

DeRotation Straps Instructions – Spanish

research and case studies

Making Strides with Madeline

Making Strides with Madeline

Making Strides with Kogan

Making Strides with Kogan

World’s Greatest – Surestep

World’s Greatest – Surestep

Winning The Waiting Game – Surestep SMO Study

Janna Tamminga Study

Kathy Martin Study

Pediatric Hypotonia Info

Addison’s Success Story

Jeremiah’s Success Story

Kate’s Success Story

Sawyer’s Success Story

Gait Development-the Basics

Surestep SMOs: An Optimal Solution for Pediatric Flexible Flatfoot

measurement forms

smo & bigshot measurement form

Learn How to Measure

Learn How to Measure

Learn How to Fit

Learn How to Fit

HEKO Measurement Form

AFO Measurement Form

TLSO Measurement Form

Shoe Order Form

Allard Order Form

Components Order Form

DCO Order Form

CFab KAFO Order Form

CFAB AFO Order Form

FO Measurement Form

DeRotation Straps Order Form

Criss Crossers Order Form


Return Form

LOMN – DeRotation Straps


LOMN – Advanced

LOMN – Pull Over


LOMN – Indy2stage

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Surestep Toe Walking Solutions

Go a Step Further

Go a Step Further in Spanish

Our Awesome Patterns

Product Reference Guide

DCO Brochure

Foot Orthotic Patterns

Don’t Take that Tone! Webinar

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