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Personalized Education for Your Team

Along with open public courses, Surestep offers additional in-person and virtual learning opportunities that can be scheduled through our regional sales representatives.

Our education library allows you to choose from a variety of topics that a Surestep Education Consultant will deliver. Choose one or more topics listed below that you want our presentation to feature. We will then provide an educational experience either at your location or over Zoom, focusing on the topics you select for your team.

personalized education

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Excessive Pronation

A deep dive into excessive and symptomatic pronation. Learners will leave with a better understanding of how a lack of stability at the foot and ankle can negatively impact gross and fine motor development.

Toe Walking

Explore the primary deficits associated with toe walking and how it can affect gait development. There are multiple orthotic treatment options available, and the learner will leave with a better understanding of how each device can help facilitate an improved heel-toe gait pattern.

Head and Trunk

Postural control plays an integral role in a child’s development. It can have a significant impact on breathing, alignment, and gross motor skills. We’ll discuss the challenges faced by patients with poor head and trunk control and how Surestep’s TLSO and DCO can help address these deficits and create more successful outcomes.

Open Heel

Learners will be introduced to the open heel design to gain a greater understanding of how improving proprioception and encouraging natural heel mechanics can facilitate more typical gait patterns and functional skills.

Custom Adult Orthotics

It’s natural for our stability and balance to diminish as we age. During this presentation, we’ll explore common fall risk diagnoses, along with products available to reduce a patient’s risk.

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