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Our Surestep Pullover facilitates improved stability of the foot and ankle by working alongside the Surestep SMO. The Pullover incorporates a true dorsiflexion assist through the use of a removable proximal strut. This allows our product to be whatever your child needs.

The Pullover is able to be used as a Surestep SMO to start, and then as a free-motion, dorsiflexion assist AFO when needed. This makes our Pullover the perfect solution for children with mild hemiplegia who need that little bit of extra help to get on the right path.

Indications that this product will help your child

  • Pronation
  • Low muscle tone (Hypotonia)
  • Mild-hemiplegia
  • Drop foot
  • Weakened dorsiflexors
  • Sagittal plane instability

Contraindications that this product might not be the right fit

  • Significant spasticity
  • Tight heel cords
  • Fixed deformities of the foot
  • Tight peroneals

Pullover AFOs can be modified to incorporate a removable SMO.

Finding the perfect pair is difficult. But Surestep shoes are specifically designed to be worn with orthotics.

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