Premium X-Static Socks

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Surestep Premium Socks are designed for patients who wear SMOs, AFOs, or KAFOs. Conventional socks get uncomfortable and sweaty under braces. In contrast, Surestep Premium Socks use X-Static® fabric containing silver thread, which has antimicrobial properties. This reduces odor, skin irritation, and athlete’s foot, along with improving comfort and even wound healing.

Surestep Premium Socks are available in sizes for these brace types:

  • SMO (toddler, small, medium)
  • AFO (infant, toddler, small, medium)
  • KAFO (toddler, small, medium, large)

Surestep Premium Socks are one color:

  • Gray (all sizes)

Surestep Premium Socks are made of:

  • 63% COOLMax X-Static fabric
  • 35% cotton
  • 2% lycra