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AFO Shoes & SMO Shoes For Kids

Surestep Shoes are specifically designed to comfortably fit over your child’s braces.

They are available in a variety of different designs that are grouped into three different sizing categories.

Best of all, you can buy them online without having to visit your orthotist.

Toddler Shoes

Little feet? No problem!

Our Toddler Shoes are perfect for AFOs and SMOs. They’re also a much better option than oversized shoes.

The colorful designs make them as cute as they are functional.


3T – 9T

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Youth Shoes

Older kids need a pair, too!

Our Youth Shoes offer the same AFO/SMO friendly features, just in larger sizes.

They’re available in gold speckles or solid black.


10Y – 3Y

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Classic Shoes

Simple designs made to match any outfit.

Our Classic Shoes have been a great AFO and SMO option for nearly a decade.

The increased width and depth allow them to slide over top of the orthotics more easily than the average shoe.


3T – 12Y

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Sizing Guide

What size shoe does your child wear?

AFOs and SMOs make that simple question difficult.

But now you don’t have to guess and jump up multiple sizes.

It’s easy. Just download our Shoe Measuring Guide, print it, and measure your child’s foot (with the orthotics on).

Finally, you can buy with confidence again.

Download the Shoe Measuring Guide

Features You'll Love

What makes Surestep shoes different?

They’re actually designed to be worn with AFOs and SMOs!

No more crossing your fingers as you shove your child’s foot inside a shoe.

Here are just some of the features that will make your life easier:

  • wide design
  • deep toe boxes
  • fun colors
  • removable insoles

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Ready to get a pair for your child?

You can buy AFO shoes or SMO shoes online right now.

No orthotist appointment required.

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