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Surestep began as a pediatrics company, using innovative braces to help thousands of kids walk, run, and play again. And now we’re helping adults with an expanding product line designed to offer adults that same level of reliability, creativity, and comfort.

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The Stabilizer

The Stabilizer is more than a preventative option for adults experiencing stability and balance issues. It is a solution that restores confidence, proprioception, and function. With the risk of falling greatly reduced, you’re free to re-engage with day-to-day activities.

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The Gauntlet Series

The Surestep Gauntlet offers a superior approach to traditional custom leather ankle support systems. Our orthosis is fabricated to deliver flexible comfort coupled with control. The combination of soft and rigid plastics allows for 3 unique versions to optimally treat severe (acute), moderate, or mild (early stage) conditions.

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Stirrup AFO

The Stirrup AFO is a custom ankle foot orthosis for adults designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle, especially for patients needing more ankle stability and hindfoot control.

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Dynamic Cervical Orthosis

The Dynamic Cervical Orthosis is the most advanced system available for the treatment of head drop. This truly dynamic device is the only system available that supports a neutral, midline position, while still allowing normal movement.

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Functional Foot Orthosis

Surestep’s 3D printed Functional Foot Orthoses reduce abnormal motion and improve positioning for adult patients. With better foot and ankle alignment, patients experience reduced pain, tenderness, and fatigue throughout the day.

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Professional Provider Agreement

Are you a practitioner who’d like to begin offering Surestep products for your patients? Getting started is easy. Simply download and return our Professional Provider Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 877-467-0711, or email us at

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