by Anne

I love Surestep’s new tagline #GrowWithUs. Since I first became a pediatric orthotist in 1993, after graduating from UT Southwestern Allied Health Sciences School, I have loved watching my pediatric patients grow up in front of me. This experience and my knowledge in biomechanics has lead me to become more and more convinced about the importance of early intervention. As an Education and Research Consultant for Surestep, I am excited to help children from across the United States and even around the world, have a richer childhood and adult life despite neurological or orthopedic conditions. As a Pediatric Orthotist, I have been providing Surestep products to my patients since 2002 and both of my children and I have used orthotic devices for low-tone pronation. In my current position with Surestep, my primary focus is in the development of pediatric gait. In this capacity, I have the amazing opportunity to see pediatric orthotic patients at Hope Orthotics Inc. in Houston, Texas and to travel monthly to teach education courses for Surestep. This combination of education, research and working directly with patients has helped strengthen my belief that helping kids develop a more typical walking pattern, no matter their diagnosis, will lead to improved function and stronger muscles throughout their lifetime. Helping educate therapists, doctors and families about how to achieve the best outcome for children with neurological and orthopedic conditions has become my passion.

-Anne Pare