meet the blog author – kimberly

by Aculbertson


My name is Kimberly Linton. I am a pediatric physical therapist, currently working in a Southwestern Michigan school system. I treat patients from 0-26 years of age, working both in the home environment, along with the school environment. I’ve had the privilege of being an educational consultant for Surestep for almost 10 years. My first introduction to physical therapy was when my grandfather had a stroke and was admitted in to the hospital for in-patient rehabilitation. I couldn’t believe what a difference his physical therapist made in his life, and I wanted to make a similar impact with others. I decided to specialize in adult neuro-developmental treatment in hemiplegia because I wanted to empower patients that were similar to my grandfather. Once I had my own child, I knew that my passion was found with treating pediatrics. For twenty years I have worked with children in a variety of settings including: outpatient therapy, inpatient therapy, home health care, and the school system. I am incredibly blessed to be in such a rewarding and fulfilling career.