toe walking – a blog to parents!

by Megan

Does your child walk on his or her toes? Toe walking is very common in toddlers and young children and is not necessarily a reason to be concerned. However, if the toe-walking is excessive, is occurring in older children and/or is causing other issues such as tight calf muscles or falling, he or she may need to be seen to determine if treatment is necessary. Reasons for toe-walking vary and can include sensory issues, tight calf muscles and excessive pronation, or flat-feet. There are many types of orthoses that can help manage toe-walking such as a Surestep SMO, a Surestep SMO with an anti-toe-walking (plantarflexion) block and various AFOs. Each orthotic solution targets a different underlying reason or cause of toe-walking. Children who toe walk can also benefit from physical therapy to help treat the underlying cause and teach the child how to properly walk with his or her feet flat. Each child should be treated as an individual to determine the underlying cause and best possible orthotic solution. If you are concerned about your child’s toe-walking, we advise that you speak with your child’s pediatrician, physical therapist and/or orthotist to determine if orthotic treatment is necessary.

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