Stirrup AFO

How To Order

The Stirrup AFO is a custom ankle foot orthosis for adults designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle, especially for patients needing more ankle stability and hindfoot control.

Utilizing industry-leading technology, the Stirrup AFO can be fabricated in 5 business days via cast or scan. The sleek, low-profile footplate and uprights are contoured to the patient’s foot and ankle. This helps stabilize rotational forces at the midtarsal, subtalar, and talocrural joints.

Additional features:

  • Solid or articulated ankle
  • Hinge options
  • Free motion
  • Dorsi assist
  • 3D printed
  • 100% custom fabricated

Indications that this product will help your adult patients

  • Muscle weakness
  • Ataxia
  • Muscular incoordination
  • Gait abnormality
  • Osteoarthritis (localized primarily in ankle/foot)
  • Arthropathy (ankle/foot)
  • Pain or instability of ankle/foot
  • Mild drop foot
  • Hemiplegia

Contraindications that this product might not be the right fit

  • Severe PTTD
  • Charcot foot
  • Moderate to severe drop foot
  • Spasticity

All Surestep products are sold through an authorized provider. To find a Surestep provider in your area, please call our customer service team at (877).462.0711.

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