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The Surestep SMO has revolutionized orthotic management for children with hypotonia. Through the use of extremely thin, flexible thermoplastic, the Surestep SMO compresses the soft tissues of the foot with its patented design; stabilizing children while still allowing for natural development..

Surestep SMOs are carefully marked as ‘left’ and ‘right’ so the unique compression system can work its magic. Our products help to stabilize the foot and relieve stress on ankles, knees and hips so your child can grow and develop as a happy and healthy kid.

Indications that this product will help your child

  • Pronation
  • Hypotonia
  • Triplanar instability in weight bearing
  • Inability to stand independently
  • Mild toe-walking
  • Developmental delay
  • Delay in acquiring gross motor skills
  • Poor coordination or balance

Contraindications that this product might not be the right fit

  • High muscle tone
  • Spasticity
  • Severe toe-walking
  • Tight heel cords
  • Tight peroneals

All Surestep products are sold through an authorized provider. In order to find a Surestep provider in your area, please call our customer service team.

In order to become an authorized Surestep provider, you will need to set up an account. However, if you already have an account, please get started by downloading the below measurement form.

SMO Measurement Form

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Pattern Guide

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Get a helpful, visual guide to putting on SMOs

SMO Fitting Guide

Surestep SMOs can be modified:

  • for toe walking
  • with a heel lift
  • for clubfoot
  • for metatarsus adductus (reverse trim lines)
  • with an open heel

This SMO modification is designed for low tone patients who toe walk due to sensory or stability concerns. It does not block plantarflexion. Instead, it facilitates a heel-toe gait pattern by using compression and a posterior tongue extension which provides a kinesthetic reminder to stay down. Kids are free to continue working on gait development and gross motor skills that require plantarflexion. Surestep treats toe walking at the source by fixing pronation and providing proprioceptive input. The Surestep Toe Walking SMO can be:

  • Designed with Surestep trim lines or a full footplate
  • Measured the same way as a standard Surestep SMO
  • Ordered by making a note on the order form
  • Trimmed down to a standard Surestep SMO once the patient has reduced toe walking