How To Order

Our TLSO helps to manage the growth of young children’s spines. By implementing our unique Surestep compression techniques, the TLSO creates improved upright positioning while still allowing for movement in all directions. By applying this compression more evenly around the torso, Surestep can provide more stability with less rigidity.

Indications that this product will help your child

  • Inability to control position in wheelchair
  • Postural instabilities of the trunk
  • Flexible kyphosis or lordosis

Contraindications that this product might not be the right fit

  • Fixed scoliotic curvatures
  • Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
  • Severe respiratory limitations

Each Surestep TLSO can be modified to fit a kiddo’s specific medical needs. Modifications include:

  • gills
  • abdomnial cutout
  • anterior and posterior openings
  • anterior windows
  • G-tubes or bac pumps

A few of these options help improve breathing. Let’s explore them in greater detail:

The Abdominal Cutout is designed to allow belly (or diaphragmatic) breathing. A gusset across the opening maintains compression while still allowing dynamic movement.

The Lateral Gills allow lateral rib expansion in breathing.

The Anterior Gill allows for anterior/superior chest expansion in breathing.

Together, these three modifications allow triplanar breathing and support any combination of breathing patterns for each individual patient. A Surestep TLSO can include any combination of breathing modifications and still provide circumferential compression and support of the spine.

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To begin ordering Surestep products for your patients, please fill out and return this Professional Provider Agreement.

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