Where Can I Donate Orthotic Braces? (AFOs, SMOs & More)

by Aculbertson


Orthotics can do amazing things.

They help our little ones stand, walk, run, jump and just be kids. After witnessing those mini-miracles, many parents want to pay it forward by donating to another child in need.

But there’s one question. Where?


Where Can I Donate My Child’s Old Orthotic Braces (AFOs, SMOs, etc.)?

To donate, send them to:

Attn: Mellissa

Transcend Orthotics & Prosthetics

1246 E Walnut Lawn St.

Springfield, MO 65804

Please remember to write “donation” on the box.

And if you’re sentimental, wait a few days. It’s not uncommon for parents to give the braces away only to wish they’d held on to them as a keepsake. At the very least, take a picture. The attachment can be especially strong if they were your child’s first pair.


What Types Of Braces Are Accepted?

There isn’t a specific list of braces needed. AFOs, SMOs, UCBLs, knee braces, back braces, and more are helpful.

The only type of orthotics you should not send are shoe inserts. They tend to be pretty well worn down before anyone else could use them.


Do They Have To Be Surestep Brand?

Nope. All donations are welcome.


Where Do The Braces Go?

Before going anywhere, the braces are checked to make sure they’re still in usable condition. Next, they’re cleaned. Fresh straps and padding are added if needed.

The donations don’t all end up in the same place. They’re divided based on need and sent to one of several practitioners and organizations, such as Project H.O.P.E. Kids in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico, and El Salvador have all benefitted from these braces.


Why Can’t We Reuse Braces In The United States?

Orthotic braces are custom-made. They were specifically designed with one child in mind. Even if another kid has the same size feet, they won’t fit exactly right.

But in some parts of the world, these second-hand braces may be all that’s available. That’s why they’re sent overseas.


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