surestep smos – common questions & answers

by Aculbertson

Surestep SMOs have helped thousands of kids stand, play, take first steps, and much more.

But there’s a bit of a learning curve. With these answers to common questions, you’ll already be a few steps ahead.

How Do I Clean Them?

You have a few options.

The simplest is to grab a washcloth or paper towels and use the soap and water you already have around the house. The braces can get wet, but be sure not to submerge them. This could cause the foam padding to pull away from the plastic. When you’re finished cleaning, allow the SMOs to air-dry.

A second option is to use isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol along with a cotton cloth.

What Does SMO Stand For?

Supra malleolar orthotic. Yeah, it’s a mouthful.

Is It Ok To Wear The SMOs Without Shoes Around The House?

Although wearing shoes around the house is ideal, especially for more active kids, sliding socks with grips or tread overtop of the SMOs can be an easy, comfortable alternative.

What Makes Surestep SMOs Unique?

Surestep SMOs were born out of innovation. From uncommonly flexible plastic to the compression method to footplates that don’t confine your child’s toes, there are plenty of reasons you want to ask for Surestep by name.

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How Long Will My Child Need To Wear Them?

This varies wildly based on your child’s age and diagnosis.

We recommend getting kids in SMOs as soon as they present with development delays. Kids often wear three or four pairs of SMOs before graduating on to shoe inserts.

How Do I Know When They Are Too Small?

If your child complains about pain or if the braces leave excessive redness, they may be too small. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your orthotist. He or she may be able to adjust the SMOs without having to replace them.

Also, keep the trim lines in mind. Surestep SMOs feature a unique design that begins just short of your child’s pinky toe. It then loops behind the ball of his or her foot.

If the entire pinky knuckle bone (called the fifth metatarsal head) is free, the SMOs are probably too small.

Will My Child Need To Be Casted?


Unlike most other companies, Surestep does not require casting for its SMOs. Instead, your orthotist will take a few simple measurements.

This saves time and allows you to avoid an uncomfortable experience, especially if your child has sensory concerns.

How Can I Tell The Right From The Left?

Every pair features R and L stickers to help you keep them straight.

There’s also a rule of thumb to remember. When worn correctly, the footplates will be longer on the outside and shorter on the inside.

How Do I Find Shoes That Fit?

This can be the most frustrating part for a lot of parents. Familiar brands and styles may not work.

Look for wide sizes that feature deep toe boxes. For more tips and recommendations, check out a previous post.

How Long Will A Pair Last?

If they look too small, be sure to schedule a fit check.

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