Components—Joints & Hinges

How To Order

Along with our Surestep product line, we offer a range of components clinicians can use for in-house modifications and fabrication.

The HEKO is the only 4-axis pediatric hinge available. Perfect for use in KAFOs, knee orthoses, and elbow orthoses, it is lightweight and low-profile. Its adjustable extension allows you to customize it for specific range-of-motion limitations.

Available as a pair in these sizes:

  • Small: 0–50 pounds
  • Large: 51–100 points

The dual adjustable (DA) hinge allows AFOs to be fabricated with thin, lightweight plastic. Each hinge is easy to adjust for a patient’s specific range of motion.

DA hinges are available as a pair in these sizes: 

  • Small: 0–40 pounds
  • Large: 41–100 pounds

All Surestep products are sold through an authorized provider. To find a Surestep provider in your area, please call our customer service team at 877.462.0711.

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To begin ordering Surestep products for your patients, please fill out and return this Professional Provider Agreement.

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