How To Order Surestep Braces – A Guide For Parents

by Aculbertson


How to order Surestep braces

Ordering Surestep orthotics isn’t as simple as adding a pair to your shopping cart.

But it also doesn’t need to be overly confusing or complicated.

There are only three steps:

  1. Get a prescription from your doctor
  2. Find a local orthotist
  3. Schedule your first appointment

If that process is still unclear, let’s unpack each step and answer common questions.

Surestep SMO Braces


Step 1 – Get A Prescription From Your Doctor

It all starts with a trip to your doctor’s office.

Some physicians are proactive. He or she will start the process if orthotics are necessary.

Others are more passive. In that case, you may need to initiate the orthotics conversation yourself. Share your concern and any difficulties your little one is facing.

If the doctor’s advice of “wait and see” clashes with your parental intuition, you have every right to get a second option.

Your child’s physical therapist may also be willing to help advocate for you.


Quick Tips

  • Share any concerns you have about your child and ask questions
  • Ask your doctor to write Surestep on the prescription


Step 2 – Find A Local Orthotist

Orthotists are certified professionals who work with orthotics ranging from head to toe.

Although your doctor may offer a specific recommendation, you’re welcome to choose your own orthotist.

If you would like us to send you a list of local Surestep providers, click here. (If you live outside the United States, please email info@surestep.net.)

Keep the location in mind. Although it’s not the only factor to consider, you will be making at least two visits to your orthotist. More will likely follow.

If traveling is difficult for your family, you can ask about other options. Some orthotists will come to your home or a location you already visit, such as a hospital or a physical therapist’s office.


Quick Tips

  • Check if the office accepts your insurance and ask about any out-of-pocket costs
  • Look for an orthotist who specializes in pediatrics


Kid at orthotic appointment


Step 3 – Schedule Your First Appointment

At the first appointment, the orthotist will evaluate your child. This might include watching your little one walk, testing range of motion, etc.

Depending on the type of device needed, the orthotist will either measure or cast your child. This is because custom-made orthotics require anatomical precision.

That information is then sent to Surestep where we fabricate the orthotics.

One of the best parts of this visit is selecting the pattern you’d like on the device. Allowing your child to pick is a great way to develop that sense of ownership.

When orthotics are ready, your orthotist will schedule a second appointment to fit the device.


Quick Tips

  • Don’t leave with unasked questions
  • Begin thinking about shoes


Common Questions

Have a few questions? Here are some of the most common.


Toddler with SMOs


What Makes Surestep Special?

Surestep products offer several unique benefits that families and orthotists love:

  • Flexible plastic
  • Innovative designs
  • Personalized modifications

If you don’t want a substitute or copycat, ask for Surestep by name.



Are Orthotics Better Than Physical Therapy?

One isn’t better than the other. PT and orthotics have different goals, but they often work exceptionally well together.


How Much Do They Cost?

Any out-of-pocket cost will be dependent on your insurance and the type of device needed.


What If I Live Outside Of The United States?

Surestep distributors can be found throughout the world. To check if there’s an option near you, please email info@surestep.net.


Are They Covered By Insurance?

Yes, Surestep devices are covered by many different insurance providers. Be sure to check this with your orthotist.


Toddler AFOs


How Can I Find Shoes That Fit?

Instead of simply jumping up a few sizes, look for extra wide shoes with a large opening. For a full list of tips and brand recommendations, check out this previous post.


How Long Do Orthotics Last?

That depends on your child. On average, a pair lasts 9-12 months, but growth spurts can shrink that timeframe.


How Many Pairs Will My Child Need?

This varies. Some kids graduate after a single pair. Other kids will need multiple sets. You can always ask your orthotist for his or her thoughts.

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