meghan’s surestep success story

by Aculbertson

Most little girls dream of dancing. The rhythmic movements. The beautiful costumes. The applause.

But sometimes physical limitations get in the way.

At 11 months, Meghan started taking cautious steps while holding on to both of her mother’s hands. But that’s where the progress stopped. She refused to walk independently or even cruise around furniture. No amount of encouragement inched her forward.

The Long Road To SMOs

At the 15 month checkup, Meghan’s mother Cherilyn shared her concerns. Something just didn’t seem right. Her daughter walked on the insides of her feet rather than the bottoms. That wasn’t all. Both of her feet, especially the right one, pointed outward instead of forward. The pediatrician listened. But instead of giving a specific diagnosis, she believed the problems stemmed from how Meghan had been positioned in the uterus. She encouraged Cherilyn to be patient. Everything would work itself out.

Progress came slowly.

Meghan took her first solo steps at 17 months. Even for a toddler learning to walk, the steps were anything but graceful. She fell often. She looked clumsy and couldn’t navigate around obstacles.

Three months later, Meghan sat in the pediatrician’s office again. Similar story. Patience. She’ll improve.

By the time the two-year checkup rolled around, it was obvious Meghan’s leg bent at an unnatural angle. Again the pediatrician encouraged Cherilyn to wait. She acknowledged that Meghan’s style of walking was unique. However, it wouldn’t be a problem as long as she corrected herself by the time she started school.

But this appointment ended differently. Cherilyn walked away with a referral. Due to Meghan’s minor motor skill delays, the pediatrician wanted them to visit a pediatric neurologist. The only problem? It was a three month wait.

Cherilyn had finally stepped on to the right track, even if she didn’t know it at the time.

The Diagnosis

It only took 30 seconds for the pediatric neurologist to recognize the problems Meghan suffered through her entire life:

  • Hypotonia
  • Pronation
  • Knee hyperextension
  • Clumsy gait


An enormous weight slipped off Cherilyn’s shoulder. After nearly a year of questions and concerns, someone found the answers. Within weeks, Meghan visited a physical therapist, an orthotist, and got measured for her first pair of Surestep SMOs.

Life With Surestep SMOs

The SMOs changed Meghan right away. She fell less often. She took her first unassisted steps up stairs. But maybe biggest of all, Megan began running and playing with the confidence Cherilyn had seen on the faces of other children, but never on her own daughter. That probably wouldn’t have happened with just any product. Unlike many other devices which are rigid and restrictive, the flexibility of Surestep SMOs gave Meghan the freedom she needed.

These days, Meghan isn’t just running and jumping. She’s enjoying a combination tap/ballet dance class.

Even away from class, Meghan seems to live her life on stage. When she’s not creating her own dance routines, she’s acting out scenes from classics like Shirley Temple, The Sound Of Music, and Tom & Jerry. She’s an energetic little girl who hasn’t let limitations slow her down.

And none of it would have been possible without the Surestep SMOs. That fact isn’t lost on Meghan. In the morning she often brings the SMOs to her parents so they can put them on her. It’s hard to think of a better endorsement than that.

Lesson Learned

Trust your instincts. That’s the biggest lesson Cherilyn learned throughout this process. No matter how good they are, doctors can miss a diagnosis. If something feels off, don’t stop. Ask questions. Get another opinion. Research. Find a specialist.

Your child is worth it.

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