Cleaning Your Surestep Shoes Safely

by Lem Bach

Surestep SMO braces and shoes

At Surestep, we believe that kids have to be kids. That’s why we designed our braces and shoes to let your child run, jump, and play without feeling restricted. 

Which means that accidents happen—juice is spilled, mud is stepped in, paint is played with. How do you clean these valuable shoes without damaging them? 

Here’s a simple process that we can wholeheartedly recommend. Try doing this at night, so the shoes can dry out by morning.

Supplies and Tools

Pull together these supplies and tools: 


–Dish soap or laundry detergent

–Shoe brush, toothbrush, or soft cloth

–Baking soda (optional)

–Microfiber towel (optional)

Cleaning Steps

Yes, there are a few steps involved here, but they only add up to about 30 minutes or less. Put your favorite show or music on in the background, and you’ll be done soon. 

1. Brush dirt off: With your soft, dry shoe brush, remove loose particles from the
sole, sides, and uppers (main body) of the shoe.

2. Mix up a mild cleaner: In a bowl, mix a small amount of soap or detergent with
warm water. For white shoes, instead make a paste of baking soda and warm water.

3. Clean those laces: Pull out dirty shoelaces. Massage a small amount of mild
cleaner into them by hand. Rinse them, then dab them dry with the clean cloth.

4. Clean the soles: Using the shoe brush, toothbrush, or cloth and your mild
cleaner, thoroughly clean the soles—both the sides and bottoms.

5. Clean the insoles (optional): If the removable insoles need cleaning, take them
out and clean them in the same way. Let them dry completely before you put them
back in.

6. Clean the uppers: Rinse your shoe brush, tooth brush, or damp cloth. Use it and
the mild cleaner on the upper material of the shoe. Be gentle and patient.

7. Dry: Gently blot away moisture and dirt from the uppers with a dry cloth or
microfiber towel (without rubbing, which can spread dirt particles). Repeat as


Let the shoes air dry overnight, which can take eight hours or longer to be sure.

We all clean up after a spill or other accident, but keep in mind that regular cleanings can improve shoes’ smell by controlling bacteria—and make you feel proud of the way they look on your little one.

As you practice this process, it’ll get easier and faster. You’ll understand what works for you and what you can skip. 

Let us know any of your favorite shoe cleaning tips in the comments below.


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