5 things that make surestep truly unique

by Aculbertson

For more than 15 years, Surestep has made big changes in little lives. And we didn’t get here by being like everyone else. Although there are numerous ways we’re unique, here are five we’re especially proud of:


For many kids, the worst part about getting SMOs is the casting. It can be traumatic, especially for little ones with sensory or anxiety concerns. And it requires a lot of sitting still. Surestep offers a simpler solution. Measuring. By taking quick, precise measurements, we’re able to custom-build SMOs specifically for your child. No mess. No hassle.

Trim Lines

Many traditional SMOs are designed with a full footplate, which means the bottom plastic extends past the toes. Everyday movements (walking up stairs, running, etc.)  become more difficult when the toes are confined like this. Additionally, the foot’s arch may fail to develop. For kids who pronate, which is sometimes called being flat footed, the arch of the foot is either decreased or nonexistent. Although the traditional bracing is helpful while it’s worn, because the arch doesn’t develop, your child may become dependent on the brace rather than graduating from it.

Surestep is different.

For our trim lines, the plastic stops just behind the pinky toe and then loops down behind both the big toe and the ball of the foot. This leaves all five toes free to wiggle. And with that freedom, your child can push up on his or her toes, run, jump, and play more easily. The unique design also helps the arch develop on its own.


Surestep products are not built out of just any old plastic. They’re made up of a unique, proprietary blend. You won’t find this plastic anywhere else. Traditional orthoses are often rigid, which makes natural movement difficult. But Surestep plastic is noticeably more thin and flexible, while still providing the stability your child needs.

We often compare our plastic to water bottles. When empty, they’re easy to bend or even crush. But when filled with water (or in this case your child’s foot), they’re still flexible, but will return to the original shape.

In conjunction with unique trim lines, our thin plastic also makes it easier to find shoes. That is often the most frustrating part for parents. But with Surestep, your child may be able to keep his or her regular shoe size. Just look for options that are extra wide and deep. With traditional SMOs, you’ll likely be forced to go up a size. And that can be counterproductive. You don’t want to give your child the support SMOs offer, and then take it away with oversized “clown shoes.”


There’s more than one way to fight pronation. Most traditional orthoses work by pushing up on the arch of the foot, but that’s not attacking the problem at the source. Pronation begins in the heel. That’s where we focus. Surestep products use a unique compression method, which is like a bear hug for your child’s feet and provides greater sensory feedback to go along with improved alignment of not only the foot and ankle, but all the way up the chain of lower extremities.


Last, but certainly not least are our patterns. Surestep offers 30+ original designs. They can’t be found anywhere else. That’s because we’re the only manufacturer who creates, prints, and applies our very own patterns. You’ll get the design you want without worrying it will look stretched out. Other manufacturers rely on third party companies for their patterns.

So whether your kiddo loves princesses, monsters, animals, camo, or something in-between, we’re confident there’s a design you’ll both like.


While we constantly strive for innovation, our overall goal is much simpler. Independence. We want to get kids to point where they don’t need us anymore. That’ll only happen when they gain the gross motor skills and postural control they needs.

Then your child can be off to bigger and better things.

Which Surestep product is right for your child?