finding boots for afos & smos

by Aculbertson


finding boots for AFOs and SMOs

Whether they’re used to stomp through puddles or play in the snow, every kiddo needs a reliable pair of boots. But like shoes, AFOs and SMOs can make that search difficult.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret that makes the whole process a breeze. Most boots just aren’t designed with orthotics in mind. Going to the store to see what fits is likely your best option. That way you know you’ll head home with a pair that works.

But we don’t want you to go emptyhanded. Here are several tips to make the process of finding boots for AFOs and SMOs a little easier.

What To Look For In Boots For AFOs & SMOs

  • Pick boots that are extra wide and deep. This will help accommodate the orthotics. A large opening or zippers on the side won’t hurt either.
  • Avoid the temptation to go up multiple sizes. This can be especially difficult if you fall in love with a specific set, but remember that big boots can be a tripping hazard.
  • Check out the size chart when shopping online. Compare it to shoes or boots you already know fit your child’s AFOs or SMOs. And make sure you know the return policy!
  • Buy multiple pairs in differing sizes when you find ones that work. You’ll be happy to have them in the future.

Boot Brands To Consider

Although we recommend buying boots in person to ensure you get the right fit, here a few online options to explore:

  • Butler Boots (offer extra space because they’re intended to be worn with shoes on)

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