7 Gift Ideas For Physical Therapists That Are Absolutely Free

by Aculbertson

7 gift ideas for physical therapists

Physical therapy is a lot of things.




But it’s not an easy job. And considering how much time you spend with your child’s PT, it’s not surprising if a special bond forms.  If a simple thank you doesn’t feel sufficient enough, here are seven ideas:


Write A Note

Texts are nice. Emails are good. But there’s something special about pen to paper. And it doesn’t need to be long. Keep it simple. Keep it heartfelt.


Leave A Review

It’ll only cost you 30 seconds, but the impact will stretch far longer. Whether your PT is a one person team or part of a larger company, positive reviews can have a huge impact. You’ll also help other families find a great physical therapist.


Tag On Social Media

Social media is a continually growing referral source for many professionals and businesses. By tagging your physical therapist (or the company he or she works for) you’re helping spread awareness. So get social. Besides, everyone loves a shutout.



Make A Card

Is your child a budding Picasso? Perfect. Masterpieces made out of construction paper and markers are far more meaningful than any card you can buy.


Bring Some Pictures

Did your little one crush that next milestone or inchstone? Did you get pictures? Bring them to the next appointment. Showing that hard work and guidance truly do payoff is welcome on any day, especially the bad ones.


Share Kind Words

Genuine gratitude and genuine compliments are rare. If your PT is doing an excellent job, don’t keep that to yourself. For bonus points, share your glowing endorsement with his or her boss.


Stay Dedicated

The ideas above are great ways to encourage your PT as well as help him or her professionally. But the single greatest gift you can give is to simply stay dedicated:

  • Show up to appointments on time
  • Commit to the at-home activities
  • Encourage your child to keep trying
  • Celebrate even the tiniest victories

When your child wins, so does your physical therapist.

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