How To Get The Most Out Of Your Surestep SMOs

by Aculbertson

You’ve got the SMOs.

And now you’re impatiently awaiting the results.

For some kids, the change is almost instant. For others, it takes time. Everyone is different.

To help your little one along, here are five recommendations to make Surestep SMOs as effective as possible.


Pull The Straps Tight

With a million other things on your mind, it’s easy to give the Velcro a gentle tug and move on.

But try to remember that tight SMOs are effective SMOs.

Unlike other orthotics, Surestep SMOs work through circumferential compression. That pressure (which doesn’t hurt) guides your child’s whole foot into alignment and provides stability.


Be Consistent

After the initial wearing schedule outlined by the orthotist is over, the SMOs should be worn whenever your child is awake.

Occasional breaks are completely fine. But if you find yourself taking frequent breaks or entire days off, remember why you got the SMOs in the first place. Your child needs help, and consistency is key.

Each time they’re worn is a step (figurative or literal) in the right direction.

There may also be completely valid reasons your child avoids the SMOs. If you hear complaints of pain or see long-lasting redness, make an appointment with your orthotist. If your child worries about the stigma associated with orthotics, get high top shoes or chose the solid white pattern. It blends in with socks.


Get Shoes That Aren’t Too Big

Shoe shopping can be a chore. We get it.

But what you want to avoid is jumping up two or three shoe sizes. This robs your child of the stability the SMOs provide. After all, stomping around in clown shoes isn’t good for anyone’s development.

Instead, try not to go up more than one size. And remember that wider shoes are better than longer shoes. If you still need help, check out this previous post about specific shoes we recommend.

Also, don’t need to fall into the trap of limiting yourself to “sturdy” shoes. Surestep SMOs provide all the support your child needs. The shoes just offer traction.


Don’t Let Them Get Too Small

Growth happens. That means those SMOs won’t fit forever.

Not sure if yours are too small? Check out this previous post that’s all about sizing.

Here’s a bonus tip. When checking the length, make sure your child’s heel is all the way back and in place. Even perfectly fitting SMOs can look small if there’s a gap between the heel and the brace.

If your pair is too small, don’t stop wearing them. Slightly outgrown SMOs still offer a ton of benefit and they won’t hurt your child.

But they’re most impactful when they fit properly. Schedule an appointment with your orthotist if needed.


Encourage Activity

Surestep SMOs are effective, but only when used.

If your little one’s feet are propped up on the couch, that next inchstone isn’t getting any closer.

Rest, of course, is vital. And you know your child’s limitations better than anyone.

But encouraging frequent activity and new movements are exactly what’s needed. Your child’s development depends on it.

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