the importance of gross motor skills

by Megan

In 2014, the Lower Extremity Review published an article titled “The Importance of Gross Motor Skills”. The article focuses on the importance of addressing delayed milestones in children with hypotonia. The delay can be present shortly after birth but can also become more apparent once the child is weight bearing. A child may be on time or slightly delayed in pulling to stand, but may continue to fall farther behind his or her peers with skills such as cruising and walking which require more stability. It is important to address a delay in gross motor skills as soon as possible so we can help the child catch up to his or her peers and stay on track developmentally. Potential treatment solutions for a child with hypotonia and associated developmental delay include the Surestep SMO, Surestep Indy 2 Stage AFO and Surestep Advanced AFO. These orthoses, or braces, provide necessary support to the lower extremity. They are flexible and provide sensory input, both of which are vital to gaining gross motor skills. It is important that our treatment solutions for these children provide dynamic stability and are not rigid, as we do not want to lock up the foot and ankle. Surestep orthoses have been shown to improve gross motor skills and help children catch up to their peers. A Certified Orthotist and/or a Physical Therapist will be able to help determine which solution will be right for the child. See more on the importance of addressing gross motor skills at: