6 Things Low Muscle Tone Is NOT

by Aculbertson

You’ve done your research.

As a parent on a mission, you’ve hopped from site to site, learning all you can about low muscle tone. You know what it is and how it impacts daily life.

But sometimes it’s good to remind yourself (as well as stubborn friends and family) what hypotonia is NOT.

Here’s just a short list:


Low Muscle Tone Is Not Laziness

Your child lacks muscle tone, stability, and proper alignment. That means his or her little body has to work overtime for even the simplest movements. It’s exhausting. Short walks, carrying toys, and keeping up with siblings can feel like a workout.

Low Muscle Tone Is Not A Phase

Don’t expect low muscle tone to simply go away one morning. It’s not something kids outgrow, no matter how much they exercise. Muscle tone doesn’t really change. That’s why it’s important you get help, such as physical therapy and bracing. The sooner the better. Without it, your child will continue to fall behind and develop bad habits.

Low Muscle Tone Is Not Imaginary

Your child is not simply a late bloomer. He or she is being held back by a physical limitation. Admitting that is the first step in the right direction.

SMO braces for hypotonia

Low Muscle Tone Is Not Weakness

Low muscle tone is a stability problem, not a strength problem. Your child can be incredibly strong and still have low tone.

Low Muscle Tone Is Not Your Fault

600+ medical conditions are known to cause low muscle tone. You aren’t one of them.

Low Muscle Tone Is Not The End

Some parents let phrases like “developmental delays” and “special needs” chip away at what they envision for their child’s future.


Your child will face obstacles. But he or she can still lead a fulfilling, happy, and wonderful life. Kids with low tone go at their own pace. That doesn’t mean they can’t go far.

Low muscle tone treatment

What Should You Do?

The best thing is to be proactive. Many parents take a wait and see approach, only to wish they’d started sooner. The first step is to talk to your pediatrician or physical therapist about Surestep SMOs.

These small, flexible ankle braces are designed specifically for kids with low tone. But don’t let the size fool you. They are a BIG help.

Surestep SMOs are custom-made specifically for your child. They move the foot into proper alignment while adding much-needed stability. This allows your child to gain strength, muscle memory, and confidence.

Will SMOs help my child's development?